Tailored Tuning

Fluid Focus uses a state of the art suspension dyno from CTW Automation to measure and graph our custom tunings. The dyno allows us to make sure the suspension is properly pressure balanced and ensure you are getting the best feeling suspension possible.

Our Tailored Tuning is custom to you and your bike. We take into account the following:

  • Frame Design and Linkage

  • Rider Data

  • Riding Discipline

  • Skill Level

We will include a dyno graph print out and setting sheet with all custom tunings.



  • PUSH ACS3 installs

  • PUSH HC97 compression system installs

  • Remote conversions

  • Shock Eye To Eye and Stroke travel changes

  • Damper Cartridge lengthening

  • Air spring travel changes

  • Cane Creek Inline IL conversions

  • Don’t see what you need? Just ask!