Fluid Focus has years of extensive suspension experience which includes factory race team duties.  We can service, repair, and tune most major brands. 

Factory level fork and shock service includes 

  • Complete tear down and cleaning of all components

  • Lubrication of all moving parts

  • Replacement of all o-rings and bladders

  • Inspect fork or shock for damaged or worn parts

  • Tuning if necessary

  • Bushings replaced as needed and sized accordingly

  • Reassembly with factory torque specs

  • All lever/knob adjustments checked for proper function

Prices reflect the going rate for these types of service. 

Cane Creek Authorized Service Center



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Fork- Factory Level Service (parts included)

  • Fox $179-$225

  • Rockshox $179-$220

  • Cane Creek $179

  • Ohlins $195-$205

    *Bushing Replacement On Request Or As Needed

Push Industries Factory Tuning (parts included)

  • Fox 32mm FIT4 Dampers $225

  • Fox 34mm FIT4 Dampers $225

  • Fox 36mm FIT4 and RC2 Dampers $250

  • Fox 40mm RC2 $285

    Other models call/email for pricing

Shock- Factory Level Service (parts included)

  • Rockshox $155-$200

  • Fox $155-$185

  • Fox DRCV $170

  • Fox/Specialized brain $190

  • Cane Creek $150-195

  • Ohlins $175-$185

    Other models call/email for pricing

Seatposts (parts included)

  • Factory Level Service Reverb $150

  • Factory Level Service Fox Transfer post $150

  • KS (price depends on parts needed)

*Tax and shipping not included

*All prices include parts

*pricing on parts may vary slightly